Zeal’s New Boone Sunglasses Review

I have one rule in life and that's to never go full Bono.

We reviewed the Zeal Boone sunglasses and they may be a little too Bono for me… but functionally, they are unparalleled.
Zeal Boone sunglasses on wood


After reviewing the Zeal Boone sunglasses we realized their functionality is really where they shine. I wanted to test the performance attributes Zeal infused into the Boones by trying them in various athletic endeavors. On hot sweaty days either mountain biking or trail running the rubberized nose pieces and ear pieces really kept the Boones planted firmly on my noggin. Also, their super lightweight but durable frames made it so they never bounced up and down on the bridge of my nose and never hurt the tops of my ears after a long ride. These could very well be your favorite dawn and dusk sunglasses when you need enhanced contrast and some help in the depth perception department. Think low light downhill trail running… these help with that light.

How Was it Tested?

  • Daily Carry
  • Colorado Hiking
  • Trail Running
  • Cycling

Zeal Boone sunglasses profile view
Zeal Boone sunglasses on man's face
Zeal Boone sunglasses ear piece


Frame: Maple Color

Lens: Copper – Enhances contrast and depth perception in a wide array of light conditions while making greens, reds and blues more vivid.

Lens Material: Ellume Polarized

Shape and Stylings

The shape of the glasses are a classy sporty look with a slightly wider frame. Many friends tried on the Boones and they were always a tiny bit wide for liking. If you have a wider face than what we have, these could fit you perfect. The lens of the sunglasses may be the biggest detractor for some due to its lighter tint. It gives you the I can see your eyes look that some people may not like. They still boast a high quality plant-based polarized lens, so if you are looking for something with a light tint, these will likely work great.

Zeal makes prescription sunglasses as well, that has potential to really change the outdoor recreation game. I need to get my hands on some of those for review! No contacts were harmed in the making of this article.

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By: Adam Scott
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