Who is Dirt & Sol?

Who is Dirt & Sol?

Dirt & Sol is a small group of contributors scattered across the Western US who’s abilities range from Weekend Warriors to Ultra Athletes. We review outdoor and mountain bike gear because we love to be out there using it. We love it so much in fact, we want to share our experiences with you so you can make a more informed buying decision.

My name is Adam Scott and I started Dirt & Sol as a passion project to help outdoor enthusiasts pick the right gear from the start. I have been through the process of using my hard earned cash to buy gear that either was completely wrong for me, or just needed a few tweaks to make it perfect. 

Over the years I have worked in a number of outdoor gear shops and bike shops. I was always the person that friends and family went to with questions on finding the right boots for a hike or the right style mountain bike for their home turf. I have been lucky enough to go on some pretty incredible trips that helped hone my passion and “expertise” on gear selection. Let’s be honest, there are very few of us that are experts in gear selection, I just think I can provide an honest opinion and help get you in the right stuff.

Rainier Summit
Colorado Elk Hunting
24 Hours in the Old Pueblo with Co-Crew Chief Dad.
Denali Summit

Birth of Dirt & Sol

Out of necessity Dirt & Sol was born. I wanted to create an opportunity for myself to inform others, not just in my immediate friend group, but others on a larger scale. We have been steadily growing for the past couple years and look to keep on this trajectory for years to come. 


The way I have the site set up to help pay for itself is called Affiliate Marketing. That means I have partnerships with brands that give me a small monetary kickback if you travel through my links and buy something on their site. You would be surprised to know how many sites you frequent everyday that have the same structure. 

What’s next?

Well, I hope to keep growing. I hope to make Dirt & Sol into something that can pay my bills as well as my contributors. I hope to set up advertising revenue on site, I hope to have more follows on the socials, I hope to have a weekly email blast, I hope to get a Youtube channel sorted out, I hope to continue to pump out great, honest content. 

Planking never went out of style.
Colorado Section: GDMBR
Traveling Spain with the brains of the operation.
Acting like I can climb.

Want to get involved?

How about you write for us: You get some awesome gear to put through it’s paces, take great photos and write a compelling story about your experience with it.

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