Tough Tested Bigfoot 24,000 MAH Solar Power Bank: TESTED

Photo: Adam Scott

Some would say there are unlimited options when choosing a way to charge your devices. We have used a variety of power banks at a variety of sizes and all produce nearly the same results. With all of them you take the power bank, plug it into the wall via USB, wait for a while, then presto, you have yourself power on the go. We are constantly hauling around some sort of device when we are outdoors so we rely pretty heavily on this type of recharge. We have seen the more advanced solar power versions that merely use the sun to fill up the bank. We are usually skeptical of such devices due to the overwhelming unreliability of them. Although we were first reluctant to rely on a Tough Tested Bigfoot 24,000mah Solar Power Bank, we now have a new go-to charging supply for the backcountry.

When we received our Bigfoot the first thing we did was toss it into some water, if the IP67 waterproof rating didn’t work, we weren’t interested. Well, it worked great. Now that we got that out of the way we started using its carabiner and hooked it everywhere. We went on a ton of mountain bike rides and hikes with it attached to everything. Weighing in at 587g was no joke so if we were taking it, it had to work. After dropping it a few times and never really caring if it took a beating, it withstood everything we threw at it. Tough Tested, having been started to cater to America’s working class, they already knew that would be the outcome.

D & S Testing: Using a fully charged power bank
Phone Charging: iPhone 5s (don’t judge me!)

  • Time/Full Charge using USB-C: 1hr 50min
  • Time/Full Charge using USB: 2hr 41min

Computer Charging: 2019 MacBook Pro

  • Time/70%¬†Charge using USB-C: 12hrs

A couple issues:

It takes 60 hrs to fully charge the solar bank using only the sun. Do the math on that. Do you need a solar bank to be fully charged more often than not? We have found it successful to have a solar power bank always in full sun while recreating, never fully charging the bank, but still giving enough power to charge a phone or tablet 100% of the time. If you don’t mind having the power bank constantly hanging somewhere or stashed in the sun, this is a non issue.

Secondly, and this is very minor. It was near impossible to pull out the clip on the power bank, that attaches to the carabiner, with just my fingers. The only way I could pull it out was by lifting it with a pocket knife then grabbing it with my fingers. Again, not a deal breaker for us.

DIMENSIONS: 8.86 x 5.59 x 2.36

COMPATIBILITY: ALL USB and USB-C Connected devices

OUTPUT: Dual 2.4A USB output

SOLAR PANEL: 400mA Super High Efficiency

POWER: 24000mAh/88.8Wh Capacity

SOLAR CHARGE: Solar only charging time; 2.5 hours per 1000mA (60 hours total)


Tough Tested Solar Power Bank Button
Photo: Adam Scott
Tough Tested Solar Power Bank Carabiner
Photo: Adam Scott
Tough Tested Solar Power Bank Light
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