Kodiak McKernan Chukka Boot Review

man tying Kodiak McKernan Waterproof Chukka Boot

Kodiak McKernan Chukka Boot At this stage in my life I buy products that last. With any quality garment, price is going to be a bit mightier and I'm ok with that. If you buy from the right brands, ...

Spot X Jeep Edition Review

Spot X Jeep Edition hanging form tree

Without a doubt, I am a fan of the Spot tracker. I have been using them through various generations for the better part of 12 years. I have taken them to the summits of mountains and to the most ...

14 for 14ers: Fall Hiking Gear

We've all checked off some 14er summits this summer and feel confident we can continue into fall. When the mercury drops, we are faced with new challenges above tree line when picking fall hiking ...

Zeal Optics Hatchet Goggles Review

Zeal Hatchet Goggles on Woman

My main goal of this post is to of course, review the Zeal Optics Hatchet goggles that I had the pleasure of trying out this season.  I feel obliged to first address these unusual times however, as ...

Floyd’s of Leadville CBD

Floyds of Leadville CBD Products

The Most Comprehensive Line of CBD Products for Athletes. At this point we've all learned the benefits of CBD and we all know Floyd's of Leadville. Floyd's is on the literal forefront of high ...

Smith Pathway Sunglasses Review

Smith Pathway Sunglasses photochromic lens

First off, Smith is so innovative when it comes to their product lines. Their products work in unison, as I highlighted in the Forefront 2 helmet article. Smith Pathway Sunglasses are just one piece ...

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