Social Distancing: Top 10 Things to Do at Home for the Outdoor Enthusiast.

much off cleaning bicycle
Photo: Muc-Off

1. Wash your bike.

It’s starting to get warmer in most of the country and that means getting out on the bike is becoming more enticing. Grab a kit like Muc-Off’s Black Ultimate Bicycling Cleaning Kit and get your bike ready for the spring shredding season.

nikwax being poured
Photo: Nikwax

2. Air out your musty sleeping bags.

It’s probably been a few months since you’ve taken your sleeping bags out of storage. Now is your chance to get them out in the sunshine and kill that smell. If the good ol’ sun doesn’t get rid of the smell, try using something like Nikwax’s Down Wash Direct to get you ready for backpacking season.

Yosemite map
Photo: National Geographic

3. Mull over those maps.

Now is your chance to hang out by the fire and bust out those maps you bought and haven’t had the time to use. Learn how to use a compass, figure out what topo lines are and pick your favorite spot to visit when the snow melts.

Photo: @pigdeermedia

4. Learn to wheelie.

Now is the time to get a little better on the bike when no one’s watching. Do you have a grassy backyard you don’t mind taking a tumble in? Doing a manual or wheelie is an invaluable skill to take to the mountains once this all clears up.

bush craft 101 book
Photo: Bush Craft 101

5. Start a primitive fire.

Never had time to learn how to rub two sticks together and start a fire? Us either. Pick up this book to learn the age old technique of starting a fire with sticks.

mountain house
Photo: Mountain House

6. Taste Test

You just bought some of those freeze dried bags of food for backpacking and don’t know what it will actually taste like. Open up a bag of Beef Stroganoff and really see what those food scientists are up to these days. I have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised.

Decked in bed of truck
Photo: Decked

7. Organize

It is without fail someone in your group is looking for their trekking poles or headlamp at 2am when you’re trying to leave the house. Consider having your gear at the ready at all times with this truck bed storage unit by Decked. 

prana yoga mat
Photo: Prana

8. Try Yoga

I know what you’re thinking, yoga is for… yoga people. Well times are changing and yoga is being used by professional mountain bikers, trail runners and skiers. Get a mat or find a nice piece of grass and get your fitness on.

Photo: Lansky

9. Sharpen Your Knives

Whether it be in your home kitchen or out on the trail, cutting your grub with a dull knife is never a great experience. Get yourself a nice little kit and revel in the sound of the blade dragging across the stone.

down comforter on bed
Photo: Feathered Friends

Questions or comments about social distancing? Check out this link for more information.

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