Silver Moon Brewing: Simon Says – Hazy IPA Review

We all know that the best post workout recovery is at very least a craft beer and on the perfect day an IPA. Due to the perfect amount of carbohydrates, protein, and branch chain amino acids in beer, one must indulge vigorously after each carnal physical effort (facts unsubstantiated). There isn’t a time I go out for some exploration and don’t want to saddle up next to the cooler, grab my favorite koozie and take in all of the wonders of an ice cold cruiser.

Having spent a reasonable but not socially irresponsible amount of time standing at tasting tables at the Burning Can Beer Festival in Lyons, CO, I have learned that my new favorite post trail running beer is the Simon Says from Bend, OR’s Silver Moon Brewing. The flavor profile of the Simon Says is certainly hazy and has a thicker consistency, consistent to what you would anticipate in a hazy IPA. That smooth silky texture running down your gullet may make it a bit too easy to drink on occasion, who am I to judge. Sitting at 6.5% and with 20 IBU, the Lunar Series – Simon Says makes me want to pack up the truck and move to Bend.

Dirt & Sol