Keep the Boys in Line: SAXX Volt Boxer Briefs Review

Anyone that has done literally anything physical knows that it is paramount to keep the ol’ stones in place. There have been a plethora of brands that have come up with their own system to keep men supported during sports. What they haven’t quite nailed is the amount and quality of support the BallPark Pouch from SAXX provides. I have been a proponent of SAXX underwear for a few years now, in regular rotation are the Kinetic Boxer Briefs. They are unrivaled when it comes to support and athletic fit. Absolutely love them.

Saxx underwear on wood
Saxx underwear on clothes line


  • HOW IT FITS: Slim Fit: no fly.
  • MADE FOR: The guy who wants to look good while he works out. Volt is cut from a breathable pin-dot mesh, perfect for high-aerobic training or sport activities.
  • BUILT IN TECH: BallPark Pouch™, Three-D Fit™, Flat Out Seams™, odor resistant.


  • MADE FROM: Polyester (88%) and elastane (12%).
  • MEASUREMENTS: 5″ inseam, 1 3/8″ waistband.


Soft Fabric
Perfect amount of stretch
Fun designs
BallPark Pouch is unparalleled for support


Starting to see some runs in the fabric after 10 washes
How Was it Tested?

  • 20+ Miles jogging
  • Everyday (well, not everyday!) wearing
  • Weight lifting
  • Camping
  • Under slacks

Saxx Volt underwear
Photo: SAXX
Saxx Volt underwear
Photo: SAXX
Saxx Volt underwear
Photo: SAXX
Saxx Volt underwear
Photo: SAXX
Saxx Volt underwear
Photo: SAXX

The Volt underwear in particular are a bit less athletic and more of a daily wear in my opinion. Yes, they work excellent in the gym, yes they work excellent on a run but I really find just the right amount of support to use as a everyday pair of underwear. The flat seams make running local trails just as effortless as sitting at a desk. It is really tough to come up with anything I don’t like about SAXX Underwear, they just do it all… perfectly.

Come on… did you see the designs? You cheeky lil’ bugers.

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