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SAXX Vibe Boxer Brief Review

Seriously, do you still wear standard cotton undies like a caveman?

It’s that time of year.

All your cotton undies have been worn, washed and reworn. They are getting thin in spots and you’re getting blowouts here and there. Come on, we’ve all been there. Instead of buying a new round of run-of-the-mill undies from your big box store, take some time and look at the SAXX line of undies with the BallPark Pouch. It has changed our staff’s life and it will change yours.

Time and time again we have sung the praises of SAXX underwear in all of life’s conditions. We have worn them to the top of mountains and to and from the office. They never fail to give us the support we need in all situations.

This time we are reviewing the SAXX Vibe Boxer Briefs. I would say these are more of a lifestyle boxer brief in its cut and material. These are the ultimate in softness and kind of a Goldilocks type fit – not too snug, not too loose. We were geeking out over the surfing Santa print and can’t wait to wear them year around to give us a little holiday cheer. In addition to the surfing Santa and snow globe motif, we counted 39 more prints you can choose from in the Vibe. These bugers are virtually chafe proof with super-soft moisture-wicking viscose (95%) (we think it’s woven unicorn hair), and 5% spandex.

SAXX Vibe Underwear

BallPark Pouch

A 3D hammock-shaped pouch designed to keep everything in place. Thanks to mesh panels and Flat Out Seams™, the BallPark Pouch™ prevents skin-against-skin friction and ensures chafe-free support.

Flat Out Seams

Counter to conventional methods, we reverse the stitching, placing the flatter, softer side against the body (a.k.a. an itch-free experience).

Three-D Fit

All styles start with an ergonomic nine-panel construction to create 3D support around glutes, thighs, quads and hamstrings.


Each pair comes with qualities designed to combat clamminess and allow moisture to dissipate away from the skin.

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