Polar Bottle: Breakaway Insulated Bike Bottle Review

Polar bottle on bike
24oz Breakaway Bottle

It’s easy to just grab a water bottle and go when your heading out for a ride. In my case, I usually grab an insulated bottle to keep my cold drinks cold and my warm drinks warm. I remember when insulated bottles started catching on, they were the greatest innovation the market had seen since hauling water around in a bull’s horn. However, after the insulated bottle became a mainstay, the market was stagnate in innovation for a number of years. Polar Bottle changed that with the new Breakaway Insulated Bike Bottle. 

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Easy to clean

I know there are some of us that don’t clean our bottles after every ride and in time we start to get a bit of funk in the valve and cap. Yes, I know it’s gross and I don’t do it on purpose! Polar Bottle has devised a new way to make a cap for a standard bike bottle. The Breakaway Surge Cap is a two piece system where the cap and the valve separate from each other creating the best system on the market for keeping every part of your bike bottle clean.

Polar bottle on bike
20oz Breakaway Bottle

Surge™ Cap

This innovative, high flow valve self-seals to eliminate spill and splatter even on your bumpiest ride.

Tri-Layer™ Insulation

Our recognized radiant heat reflective technology keeps you refreshed and restored in any and all temperatures.

Effortless Squeeze

Built for performance, designed for effortless use, the new Polar Bottle shape is easier to squeeze and fits securely in your bike cage.

0.71 L / 24 fl oz

10.5 x 2.75 in.


150 g / 5.3 oz

How does the bottle actually function?

Insulation: The bottle performed great when it came to fending off the external sun and keep the internals cold. I used the bottles on a variety days when the temps reached into the high 80s and it kept my water cold from start to finish.

Valve: First off, the valve is easy to get in and out of the cap with some dry hands and a bit of a tug. The seal from the valve is great and it doesn’t leak when being squeezed under high pressure.

Cleaning: Like I said above, the cap and valve come apart, cleaning is easier than ever.

Fit: The bottles fit in a standard bottle cage snuggly and I never had any issue of one falling out on a ride.

Polar bottle on counter
Polar bottle on counter
Polar bottle on counter
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