PNW Components: Rainer 27.2 Gen 3 Dropper Post & Drop Bar Lever Kit Review

PNW Components: Dropper Post Review

If you mountain bike you probably either want or have a dropper post on your rig. I have been riding fully rigid mountain bikes for the past 8 years and haven’t seen a need for any drop. I thought I was not really doing anything that would warrant a dropper. I was wrong. Dropper posts belong on almost everything and they are a ton of fun on any terrain trending down.

Rainier 27.2 Gen 3 Dropper Fetaures:

Tool-Less Travel Adjust: Adjust up to 25mm of travel in 5mm increments by hand.

Weatherproof Sealed Cartridge: Cold weatherproof cartridge for reliability in a ton of conditions.

Internal Cable Routing: Keep that shit tight!

Drop Bar Lever Kit Features:

24mm Clamp: Fits most drop bars.

Ergonomical:┬áReally makes the lever feel like it’s not even there.

Internal Cable Routing: Keep that shit tight!

From now on we will refer to the Dropper Post and the Lever Kit as a unit.


I currently ride a Salsa Cutthroat as my primary bike and it is hailed as a do-it-all bike in the touring and xc worlds. I wanted to throw a dropper on there to add some versatility on the downhills. The Cutthroat geo is much steeper than a lot of hardtails so I thought it would ease in getting over the back wheel. If you have ever ridden a dropper in steep terrain, you know it makes a huge difference, the Rainier 27.2 Gen 3 Dropper Post is no different. It really opened some trails up for me on my fully rigid. The amount of travel the post provided was more than adequate for my use. As far as long distance riding and bikepacking, which you know we love to do here at Dirt & Sol, I wouldn’t personally ride with a dropper due to the weight of the seat bag and the style of riding you do fully loaded. I’m not getting too gnarly on downhills with 30lbs of gear!


Installing the internally routed setup took a bit of patience but was completely doable by someone with average bike maintenance skills. Can you remove your cranks? You can set yourself up with an internally routed dropper. Note: It is the Drop Bar Lever Kit that provides the cables, not the post. Wrapping the handlebar tape around the new Drop Bar Lever was a little funky and I’m sure there is a best practices for it, but I did the best I could and I still think it turn out clean. I didn’t get any hot spots when riding after install.

PNW Components Rainier Gen 3 Dropper Post:

Here is the thing about the Rainier Gen 3 Dropper Post, it just makes riding more fun. In my opinion, the entire point of riding is to have a good time, this setup is more fun. The sheer fact that they even offer a 27.2 size is a feat in itself.

There. Go buy one. Tell them I sent you. Use my link below. Makes Smiles.


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