OtterBox Elevation Tumbler Review

We decided to do a review on the 10oz, 16oz and 20oz OtterBox Elevation Tumblers because they are bombproof and stand up to any adventure. We all have our favorite coffee mugs, maybe you are the type that likes a push button mouthpiece, maybe you like your lid to screw on instead of using friction… yea we have our favorites too. Camping and everyday life wreak havoc on our insulated mugs and we need something that will stand up to just about anything. Enter the OtterBox Tumblers. These steel chalices can keep hot coffee hot and cold margaritas cold, although they are a bit heavy in weight, they are a do-all tool for your camping and adventure arsenal.

OtterBox Elevation 16 tumbler
Photo: @zekescottphotos
OtterBox Elevation Tumbler with thermometer

It wouldn’t be Dirt & Sol if we didn’t do some type of conditional testing in addition to using the hell out of it. In this test we took a scalding hot cup of coffee and timed how long it would stay at a reasonably hot drinking temperature. We used a good ol’ fashioned thermometer and opened the mouthpiece not only to make room for the thermometer, but to mimic a real world situation. I know I like to leave mine open when driving, to slightly cool the contents and make it a one-handed operation.


  • Started beverage at 175º f
  • Measured to 150º f
  • 16oz tumbler
  • Open lid
  • Meat thermometer (come on, we’re not a fancy laboratory)
  • Red color

It took a whopping 1:14 to drop 25º f! That is a hot beverage for a loooong time! Well done OtterBox, well done.

It doesn’t just stop with the 10oz, 16oz and 20ox tumblers. OtterBox has a whole array of accessories to compliment your tumbler. Everything from a shaker top to strain the most delicious of cocktails, to a French press system to give it the all in one coffee maker touch.

OtterBox Elevation Tumbler French Press
20oz French Press
Shaker Lid OtterBox Elevation Tumbler
Shaker Lid
OtterBox Elevation Tumbler Straw Lid
Straw Lid
OtterBox Elevation Tumbler Sleeve
20oz Tumbler Sleeve
OtterBox Elevation Tumbler French Press
20oz Flavor Infuser

  • 100% stainless steel for years of use and abuse
  • Internal copper lining maintains ideal temp
  • Sweat-resistant design, leaves no rings
  • Keeps liquid cold for hours
  • Fits most cup holders
  • Shaker Lid, French Press Lid, Infuser Lid, Thermal Lid and Tumbler Sleeve sold separately
  • Backed by OtterBox Limited Lifetime Warranty

OtterBox Elevation 16 tumbler
Photo: @zekescottphotos
  • Keeps beverage warm for a long time
  • Great color selection
  • Lid stays on very well
  • Very durable

  • Heavy
  • 10oz tumbler is a bit large for some cup holders
  • Plastic lid

All photos from OtterBox unless otherwise listed.

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