Oros Apparel: Orion Parka and Endeavour Mitten Review

Let’s start with the guts of the brand. The insulation is literally out of this world. It is made of something nicknamed “air glass”; the same stuff used to insulate space shuttles. We have been beating up their best seller, the Orion Parka and here is what we found.

On the outside: It is waterproof with taped seams but still breathable and I liked the brushed fabric blend. It felt soft to the touch rather than like I was wearing an actual hardshell. No crinkle plastic feel or sound when you move!

Now onto the interior… you have to start by knowing that I have a well known strict “suns out guns out” policy. In Colorado, even with freezing temps, that includes a lot of the winter. Why is this relevant, you ask? This means I am often sliding bare arms into my winter coats. Try that with a hard shell or puffy and freeze the skin on your ams the instant you walk outside. With the Orion, the interior fabric is soft, comfortable and moisture wicking. That includes the cuffs of the sleeves and the inside of the pockets.

Last on my list of likes is the hood. Big, roomy and easy to grab while wearing gloves. The shape lets the edge of the hood go far enough past your face to keep the rain and snow off without drooping into your eyes.

Our biggest con for this parka is the fit. It runs big and comes off as dumpy even though they’re promising a slim fit. The Orion specifically is a mid thigh parka but the hips were fabricated uneven. One side curved out much further that the other.

Now onto the guts. That “out of this world insulation” is unusual to say the least. The insulation is sewn into the parka in segments and feels stiff. Reminiscent of downhill mountain biking body armor. Also if your body heat isn’t warming it, it gets incredibly stiff. We left it in freezing temps overnight and tried to put it on in the morning. It was so stiff that it was difficult to get on. Once it’s on, it loosens up and definitely keeps you warm but in tough conditions this could be an issue.

We tested the Endeavour Mitten alongside the parka. There is no question Oros has their fabrics figured out. The fabric content on these mittens are very nice. A supple leather palm and grip plus a cozy cuff and warm soft fleece inside that doesn’t snag on even the driest of fingers.  The inside is an insulated glove with separate fingers with a little extra warmth at the finger tips. A bonus, the individual fingers in the gloves are not going anywhere. No fear of pulling them inside out. (We have had this issue with other brands). There is no doubt these mittens looked good and kept our digits warm but with the individual fingers there was little to no dexterity. I found myself pulling my hand out of my mitten frequently to do small tasks. 

Photo: Oros Apparel
Photo: Oros Apparel

In the end, as far as technical gear, I’m not ready to go all in for OROS but I think that with some tweaks to the fit, the parka could be a winter daily driver… and we dream of the day they develop an Endeavor lobster glove.

By: Whitney Lannert

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  1. I am so disappointed in OROS. Sexy website. Seemingly great innovation and design. Horrible customer experience.

    I ordered the Endeavour jacket and the Explorer leggings on November 28.
    On Dec 4, I got an email saying that the leggings were on backorder and that my order would now ship on December 28. I did not have my jacket because they were “waiting for the leggings”. They should have sent me my jacket IMMEDIATELY when they realized that the leggings were on backorder.

    Nothing happened. I received nothing. On January 17, my credit card was refunded with no explanation, no contact whatsoever – I am left to just assume that I am getting none of the gear that I purchased?? Two months later???

    To add insult to injury, I see that they now have a “new” model of the Endeavour jacket posted on your website as “Coming soon”.

  2. Dallas,

    That is really unfortunate. It’s so tough to be so patient then realize it was for nothing. I know most of the outdoor and cycling industry is hurting for goods/materials all the way down the supply chain from shipping to raw materials. I wonder if that what is happening with OROS. Sorry to hear that!

  3. I am very happy with our Oros-jackets here in Norway. They are especially suitable with only light physical activity. They keep my upper arms warm. I freeze easily, so with the Oros jackets my body relax warmly. I will try the mittens if they will come without leather, and without separate fingers. I like to curl my hand and fingers inside the glove, but I would love the insulation.

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