Odlo Blackcomb Pro: Performance Running Tops Done Right

Odlo Blackcomb Shirt on Woman
Photo: Kate McLaughlin

I’m more of a tank top kind of gal when running in warmer weather. The Odlo Blackcomb Pro tee and long-sleeve tee are products I can get behind. The Blackcomb Pro line touts its Ceramicool and ZeroScent technologies that offer cooling and smell-reducing functionality. I found the former to be more inspiring than the latter. You might still want to sport your deodorant when running in these shirts, if you’re into that sort of thing. To note: when I refer to “shirt” below, I’m reviewing an aspect of the shirt that is the same, regardless of short-sleeve or long-sleeve, for simplicity’s sake.

Girl running in nature in Odlo Shirt
Photo: Kate McLaughlin


I’m a tall lady at 5’10”, and when I first put the shirt on, it seemed a bit short. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the length while running. In fact, I didn’t notice the length aspect once during my runs in this shirt, which, to me, means it’s the perfect length. Despite being on the shorter side, the fit is loose enough (but not too loose), so it doesn’t ride up at all.

I was also pleasantly surprised the sleeves were long enough on the long-sleeve. I ordered a small, so a shorter person might have to roll or pull up the sleeves a bit. Surprisingly I pulled the sleeves up on a hotter run and found them to still be perfectly comfortable.

For the short-sleeve tee, the shoulders fit a little strange on me. It didn’t feel tight, but it looked like the shoulders were snug when my arms were down by my side. Luckily, I don’t run with my arms straight down by my sides (that would be weird), so it looked fine while running. This might result from being a taller human and having to order a small for the width. The takeaway for me here is that it was still extremely comfortable to run in.


Exceptionally soft, lightweight and breathable, Odlo nailed it with the comfort level of the Blackcomb Pro material. I often run in a tank in warmer weather for that “free like a bird” feeling. However, I didn’t feel constricted at all in the tee while running on a 75-degree day. I wore the long-sleeve on a 55-degree, very sunny day in Denver. It felt much warmer than the thermostat displayed and I was quite pleased with my clothing choice. All in all, Odlo is definitely doing something right with their Ceramicool technology.

I cannot say the same for the ZeroScent technology. I’ll spell it out for you – I still smelled like I just went for a run after my run. Maybe it works for some, but no luck for me in this department.

Odlo Blackcomb Shirt on Woman
Photo: Kate McLaughlin


I LOVE the colors and details of the shirt. They only offer a handful of colors, which I appreciate the simplicity of, especially since they are solid options. The tie-dye-esque stripes ensure the shirt isn’t boring without being overwhelming or obnoxious. I like that Odlo offers classic blacks and grays but spice things up with the coral version – a little something for everybody. Odlo gets an A+ in this category.

Odlo Blackcomb Shirt on Woman
Photo: Kate McLaughlin

In summary, I thoroughly enjoy Odlo’s Blackcomb Pro line of running shirts. The most exciting part: I just discovered they make a tank top version, so obviously that will be an upcoming purchase for me. While some of the features advertised didn’t live up to expectations (let’s face it, defeating the post-run stink is asking for a real-life miracle), I look forward to many more runs in these shirts. 

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