My Medic MyFak First Aid Kit Advanced Review

My Medic MyFak Advanced First Aid Kit

To say I don’t know much about first aid would be an accurate statement. At one point in my life was I CPR certified and have put plenty of bandaids on people. With that said, this first aid kit has everything and more than I would ever be comfortable using. I have an EMT friend that would LOVE this kit and he would surely know what to do with everything. I got this kit initially to store in my Sprinter van on camping, hunting and hiking trips. However, no =w I am throwing it in my pack and truck on nearly every outing.

With a little bit of Youtubing, I will be inserting a Parker Nasopharyngea Airway in no time.


The construction of the kit could be its most impressive quality. This thing is STOUT and ready to travel. It contains a ton of velcro and mollie straps to add any of your favorite items for easy access. The entirety of the bag is 7.5 x 6.5 x 5″, about the size of a Nalgene bottle and a half. It is very packable if you want to carry deep inside a pack and light enough to not really notice. It is built in the USA and lifetime guaranteed. If you need to beat this thing up on your outdoor missions, go for it, they got you covered. The kit also comes in a variety of colors from stealthy coyote to blaze orange. I went with bright red for an eye catching color thats would make it easy to spot when things get hairy.



Like I said in the first paragraph, this little bag packs a big punch. Some of the items in the bag I will have to learn to use but the majority of them will be great in infinite situations. The MyFak Advanced first aid kit has over 100 trauma and first aid items, that is a ton!

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