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La Sportiva Mutant Review

La Sportiva Mutant Shoe

The La Sportiva Mutant has been a mainstay in my line up since the sadly discontinued eye catching yellow colorway. Originally I bought them while living in Boulder to most specifically, hop around the boulders on Bear Peak, South Boulder Peak and Green Mountain. They have since evolved into my go to training shoe on virtually all terrain. With my home training hill being North Table Mesa in Golden, CO, the La Sportiva Mutant is perfect with the hard pack dirt sections as well as the quick scrambling sections filled with boulders and loose gravel. 

La Sportiva Mutant Shoe
Heel Section
La Sportiva Mutant Shoe
Lace Pocket


This should be your top reason to get your tootsies into these shoes. Their FriXion® XF outsole is aggressive and provides a glue-like connection to the ground and rocks. I recently wore them on a trail run through Arches National Park, Devil’s Garden Lollipop, where there are a number of sections on the Primitive Trail that require a grippy shoe for a safe decent. I never once had to put my hand down for balance to get down these tricky sections due to the amount of grip I was provided. Just look at the lugs, aggressive and perfectly arranged.

La Sportiva Mutant Shoe
Testing Laboratory

Fit and Lacing:

To say these shoes take some getting used to is an understatement. They has a very unique fit which at first turned me off. However, having some time in the shoe on a variety of terrain, they are by far my favorite. My go-to. The best way to describe the tongue is a lapping system within itself that secures the foot in a 360 degree fashion. 

The lacing system is something that is used in Nasa and you need a PHD to replace a shoelace. The last sentence is a lie, kinda. The way the lacing system hugs the foot is the crowning achievement of the entire shoe. When you put the Mutant on, you are locked in. It also features a lace garage, a small area to tuck the laces, to keep them out of the way when rippin’ trails. I have never used that feature but appreciate the ingenuity. 

La Sportiva Mutant Shoe
Tread Pattern
La Sportiva Mutant Shoe
Spyraltongue™ Technology


I normally wear an 11.5/45 in most La Sportiva shoes but in these, I wear a 12/45.5. I would not be scared to size up a half size if between sizes due to the aforementioned 360 snugness of the shoe. 

Where do I see this shoe performing best?

I think on any trail where grip and agility count. The midsole is cushioned but I wouldn’t be putting ungodly long distances on them. However, I bet people do because they are such a great all around shoe. 

When you do buy them, give them a few runs before you start emailing La Sportiva about the funky fit. Get over it, you’re gonna love them.


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