La Sportiva Akasha Trail Running Shoe

Great trail running shoes are becoming more and more consistent with all brands across the board. I do however keep finding myself with La Sportiva shoes on my feet. Maybe it is that I have a slightly narrow foot and they play well to that or the fact that I love what La Sportiva stands for. Either way, this is at least my 4th model of trail running shoe from the brand. As with most of their trail running shoes, these are purpose built mountain performers. They are designed specifically to cater to the mountain athlete that could be running an ultra or rock hoping around a summit. Aggressive lug patterns, toe protection and rigidity of the sole are pretty consistent across the line.


  • Trail rocker sole system promotes a rolling heel-to-toe motion for smooth trail performance
  • STB technology for amazing support and unencumbered underfoot flex
  • Protechtion HF reinforcements provide lightweight flexible protection

If I could come up with one issue with the Akasha, that I never had with the Mutant or Wildcat, is the fact that the foam in the heel tends to get caught within itself if not careful. What I mean is, if you slide your foot into the shoe without carefully clearing the rear of the shoe, the foam curls under itself and creates a potential hotspot. The first pair of Akashas I owned were warranted happily by La Sportiva and I was sent a brand new pair. However, this pair did it too. Instead of returning them I continued to run on them with very little complaints. Hot spots or blisters may occur with feet shaped differently than mine, so it is definitely something to think about. I did hear that the newer versions of this shoe will be updated and the problem gone away forever. Time will tell.  –Adam

  • Lightweight
  • Great Toe Protection
  • Nice color options
  • Durable

  • Heel foam gets stuck
  • Less aggressive lugs

How was it tested?

  • Hall Ranch Trail Run Lyons, CO
  • Green Mountain Hike Boulder, CO
  • Countless trail runs in the Front Range of Colorado
  • 100+ Miles

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