Kodiak McKernan Chukka Boot Review

man tying Kodiak McKernan Waterproof Chukka Boot

Kodiak McKernan Chukka Boot

At this stage in my life I buy products that last. With any quality garment, price is going to be a bit mightier and I’m ok with that. If you buy from the right brands, boots and clothing should easily hit the 20 year mark. I look forward to the Kodiak McKernan Chukka Boot showing the road map of my life 20 years from now. Etched in the leather will be years of wear, whispering stories like the faded ink on a cowboy’s shoulder. When presented with the opportunity to try a pair of Canada’s finest heritage boots, I reveled at the idea of wearing 110 years of craftsmanship.

Bottom of Kodiak McKernan Waterproof Chukka Boot
Slip Resistant Outsole
Side view of Kodiak McKernan Waterproof Chukka Boot
Desert Boot Style


I know quality boots. I have worn some of the greatest leather boots on the market in a variety of conditions. One of my favorite boots I own turn 11 in a few months. I wear them doing construction and I wear them in everyday life. There should be no limit to what a great pair of leather boots can offer you. The Kodiak McKernan Chukka Boots were tested in snow, dirt and streets of Colorado. Never faltering or submitting to any climate.

Man standing on log wearing Kodiak McKernan Waterproof Chukka Boot


The very nature of the Chukka Boot was bred in war. British soldiers needed a boot that would contend with the harsh desert conditions in Libya and Egypt during the Western Desert Campaign of WWII. Kodiak has created a boot that past generations would be proud of. These boots boast features taking them from basic to extraordinary.

  • Premium leather upper
  • Padded tongue for comfort
  • Microfiber lining
  • Removable Clarino footbed
  • Lightweight EVA heel insert
  • Traditional leather welt
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole with chevron mini-lug patte

While I did test these boots in dirt and snow, they didn’t perform like a hiking boot. These are the boots you wear everyday then if a bad situation presents itself, you are ready. The majority of time I spent in these boots were around town. I wore them more as a statement piece and to up the ante on my style. They are extremely well made which made for a very short break in period. It took only a few days to get some of the hot spots to work themselves out. The addition of the padded tongue significantly accelerated the break in period. The leather is rugged enough to take a beating and supple enough to not cause blisters.


These boots have a long toe which in my experience means I need to size down. To help explain my sizing, here is a list of boots and brands I own and what size I wear.

I ordered size 11 in the Kodiak McKernan Chukka Boot and they fit great. I may even consider trying a 10.5 and seeing if they stretch over time. If they don’t the 11 is perfect.

inside of Kodiak McKernan Waterproof Chukka Boot
Rugged Construction
close up of Kodiak McKernan Waterproof Chukka Boot
Pre Molded Footbed for Comfort

Above all these boots are made to last. Superior construction and attention to detail make the Kodiak McKernan Chukka Boots a must. If you don’t own a chukka style boot, consider checking out the links before for some killer sales happening right now!


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