HydraPak Full-Force 2L Reservoir Review

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We tasked ultrarunner and splitboarder Michelle Wingfield with testing the HydraPak 2L Full-Force Reservoir, here's what we found.

D&S: How did you use the HydraPak Full-Force 2L Reservoir?

MW: Tried it for running but wasn’t a fan due to the width. I think it would be perfect for hiking. 

D&S: Where was the reservoir successful?

MW: With the Multi-use Hydrant, it’s easier to stay hydrated by being able to receive a large amount of water at once, instead of sucking it through a hose.

D&S: Where was it unsuccessful?

MW: Sometimes when the piece is pointed down, it aggressively sprays water. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong! Also, when detaching the hose from the bladder, water leaks out of the back of the hose. Not a huge deal, just need to be careful.

D&S: Do you like the Multi-use Hydrant that shoots water or do you prefer a regular hose?

MW: It varies with application. Unfortunately it’s difficult to keep attached to a pack if you are doing big movements, such as snowboarding. There’s a little clippy on the attachment, but it falls off if I bend over at all. If I were doing any sort of ski mountaineering, using ice axes, ice tools, or rope, I would stick to a normal hose like the one on the 2L Force Reservoir.

D&S: Did you shoot water out for other applications?

MW: So far I’ve only used it as a water gun to spray my husband, which is great! It would work well to give water to Tundra (my dog), to rinse off a toothbrush, to clean wounds, etc.  

D&S: How was the fit with running vests and backpacks?

MW: It was a bit too wide for my running vest. My other HydraPak bladder is thinner and that fit better. This one is a little wider and worked better in a backpack.     

HydraPak Full-Force Reservoir
hydrapak 2L full force reservoir on rug
D&S: Let’s touch on the Wide Slide-Seal. Did it seal securely at the top?

MW: The top is super sturdy, no leaking whatsoever. It is really important to keep the top clean though. During a race in Texas I tried helping a racer that had the same reservoir and dirt and dust got on the slider and made it very difficult to close.

D&S: Is it easy to clean?

MW: Very easy to clean!  Fully reversible, and has a large opening at the mouth so it’s easy to dry.

D&S: Do the measurements on the reservoir help?

MW: Yes, especially for endurance sports where you are specifically focused on water intake.

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D&S: Anything else you would like to add?

MW: I prefer this bladder for splitboarding. The extra flaps give added security, which gives peace of mind in an environment where a bladder leaking could not only be uncomfortable, but also be a safety concern. Even if I take a hard fall onto my pack, I don’t need to worry about the bladder leaking.

Thank you for testing the HydraPak Full-Force 2L Reservoir Michelle!

HIGH FLOW: New for 2019, engineered with updated high performance features and an enhanced design for 20% more flow

EASY TO CLEAN: Fully reversible for easy cleaning and drying, easily turns inside out

HEAVY DUTY: Heavy weight TPU, welded seams and an innovative design make for an ultra-rugged, abrasion resistant, field-ready reservoir system

CAPACITY: 2 L / 70 fl oz

DIMENSIONS: 340 mm / 13.3 in x 165 mm / 6.4 in

WEIGHT: 173 g / 6.1 oz


Michelle is originally from Tri Cities, WA and has lived in Colorado for the past 6 years. She is an avid trail runner, splitboarder and mom to an awesome pitbull named Tundra.

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