Hustle Bike Labs: New Magnetic ‘Clipless’ Pedals

Hustle Bike Labs REM pedal and shoe

Clipless Pedals: Pedal with no toe clips or straps (usually referring to a pedal with a mechanical connection to your shoe)

Platform Pedals: Pedal with a large flat surface to place your foot

The Hustle Bike Labs REM Magnetic Clipless Pedals aren’t either of those, they’re a new system optimizing Rare Earth Magnets. Rare Earth Magnets were first discovered by a pair of ‘research’ Martians in the year 3201 (we assume*). Little did they know their discovery would fuel the next evolution of clipless and platform pedal technology.

We see a ton of advantages in using this type of system for beginners through expert riders. We at Dirt & Sol think it could be an incredible leap for bikepacking and hike-a-bike scenarios. There are plenty of riders taking their bikes much further in the backcountry than ever before and having a pedal that is completely sealed and void of mechanical parts could be the safest option. Think about it, regardless of something catastrophic happening to the shoe attachment or magnet, you will always at least have a platform pedal.

We look forward to getting our feet on these in the near future. Releasing Spring 2020.

Hustle Bike Labs REM Pedal
Photo: Hustle Bike Labs
Photo: Hustle Bike Labs

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