How to Install Fork Boots on Sportster

Time to install some fork boots to keep the dust and grime out of the innards. These directions are on a 03 Sportster but are similar on most rigid mount Sportys.

Jack up motorcycle with the front tire off the ground.

Remove brake caliper and zip tie it out of the way.

Remove axle nut, washer and lockwasher.

Loosen pinch bolt but do not remove.

Pull wheel off. Be cognizant of where wheel spacer is located.

Remove front fender.

Loosen upper and lower fork bracket pinch bolt and remove fork tube.

Find groove in chrome cap and use a flat screwdriver to gently tap the dust seal off. Do not scratch fork tube.

Slide on fork boot and make sure it covers where the chrome cover sat completely.

Slide fork tube back into bracket, be sure you have about a 1/2″ or 11.7mm of fork sticking out of the fork bracket.

Tighten lower fork bracket pinch bolt to 30 ft lb for 89-03 and 21-27 ft lb for 86-87.

Tighten upper fork bracket pinch bolt to 30 ft lb.

Install wheel and spacer, 95-03, on left side wheel.

Install flat washer, lock washer and nut finger tight.

Tighten axle nut to 55 ft lb for 88-03.

Tighten axle pinch bolt to 21-27 ft lb and reinstall brake caliper.

Repeat for other side.

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