The Best Healthy Travel Snacks

Ok, I don’t know about you but I’m hungry about 100% of the time. Particularly when I’m sitting on a plane, driving in a car, working late hours from my hotel room… I mean hungry!
I’ve been on a mission to eat more whole foods and less processed, less ingredients, less low nutrition food. I am not following any plans like the Whole 30 diet, Paleo diet, Atkins or anything like that. I just want to put more nutritious, more pure foods in my body on a regular basis. I travel A LOT. Which makes this mission tricky sometimes. Especially when I’m in a small town, in the south or in Canada. (Sorry Canadians but dang you like your fried foods, carbs and gravy!).
I was in Texas at an airport recently and had very limited options. I found a bar and ordered a chicken taco salad, no shell, no cheese, no dressing, no bacon, (bacon? wtf? Who puts bacon a taco salad?) They were out of guac so I added salsa for dressing. Long story short, it was awful. It was totally my fault and it was exactly how I ordered it, but it was awful. After dropping my plastic knife on the less than hygienic airport floor, I called it quits on the so called salad. I got lucky enough to find some of my favorite new snacks to fill the hunger void.
I recently stumbled upon some snacks made by a company called Naturally Bare. They have baked fruits and veggies. No sugar or preservatives added. Seriously! No sugars. No preservatives. Not fried. AND they are crunchy… super crunchy! I know what you are thinking 🤔. Processed. While that may be true, it is minimally processed, and has nothing added! So I say it barely counts as processed. (See what I did there? “Barely” counts? Bare snack?)
Anyway, when I can’t take anymore raw almonds and I can’t find any fresh fruits or veggies this is the next best thing for me on the road! So far I’ve had apples, fruit medley and balsamic beets(so good!). Staying healthy on the road is never the easiest, but these little snacks seem to relieve some of that stress.
– Whitney
  • Easy to find
  • Easy to eat
  • Doesn’t taste like cardboard
  • Not too salty

  • Not super filling
  • Not a greasy potato chip

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