Top 5 Hats to Keep the Sun Off

The sun is shining and the weather is warm. This is the time of year to protect yourself from the sun, here is our top 5 list of best sun protectors for the summer.

DAKINE Indo Surf Hat

Photo: REI

Dakine - Indo Surf Hat

This hat is designed to stay on your noggin in all conditions. Quick drying, 50+ SPF and it floats!

KAVU Chillba Hat

Photo: REI

Kavu - Chillba Hat

Kavu nailed it with this fun take on a traditional bamboo hat.

Brixton Bells Hat

Photo: Backcountry

Brixton - Bells Hat

You've seen these on top of the heads of everyone from surfers to hikers. It's because they work.

Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat

Photo: Backcountry

Outdoor Research - Sombriolet Sun Hat

It's simple, great Camo pattern, 50+ SPF and moisture wicking.


Photo: Nordstrom

Carhartt Work in Progress - Script Bucket Hat

Think of Carhartt 'Work In Progress' as a more stylish offshoot of the Carhartt you know and love. This bucket hat is a look that is synonymous with the lot of the WIP brand.

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