Greyp 6.3: Is This e-mtb Smarter Than You?

Officially launching at Sea Otter in April; Greyp has maybe, just maybe, created a bicycle smarter than we are. This is how the bikes start taking over!

Check out these stats:

  • Built-in 3G eSIM card powered by T-Mobile means bikes are always connected to the internet
  • Front/rear hi-def video cameras for hands-free imaging of every ride
  • Built-in GPS, accelerometer, and barometer
  • Integrated heart rate monitor with automatic HR-controlled power-assist mode
  • On-board USB port
  • Mobile mount for in-app control of all on-board tech on the fly
  • Remote camera operation/viewing for theft deterrence
  • Huge range of in-ride and post-ride data

We ain’t too keen on eBikes (yet!) but this looks like a fun one to hop on.

Questions or comments about the Greyp V.3? Please drop us a line below, we would love to hear from you.

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  1. I have recently purchased this bike and love it.
    It is very powerful and yet very useable particularly off road. Small obstacles that require lifting over and kissing gates no problem compared to other electric off road bikes that I have owned .
    The battery looks part of the bike and not an add on, in fact it enhances the shape. Other pluses re the bike are the longevity of the battery and the ease of replacement ( the bike comes with a spare) of same.
    I am still getting used to the myriad of what the electronics have to offer and particularly like the built in front and rear lights plus camera.
    Since the bike is continually on line any updates are simple to download and I am awaiting with interest what is going to happen in the future with this very cutting edge bike.

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