MSR Fuel Bottle

Photo: Moosejaw

The Most Versatile Fuel Bottle on the Market: MSR Fuel Bottles

There are a plethora of ways to carry your camp fuel and motorsports fuel. You can strap a RotopaX fuel jug to just about anything or you can get the old school less refined 5 gallon jug. Each style offers a great deal of advantages, be it looks, weight, color and size. Few of the bottles, jugs or canisters are quite as versatile as the MSR Fuel Bottles. They are a strong, screw top bottles that can be strapped to or stored just about anywhere. Motorsports enthusiasts are known to stash a few emergency fuel bottles in the their hard sided packs, just in case they get lost or a scheduled fuel stop goes awry. In the camping and backpacking world these bottles are the #1 pick to bring to power your liquid fuel stoves. The MSR Fuel Bottles have been a mainstay for decades for a reason.