First Impressions: Theragun liv Review

THERAGUN Liv close up

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a Theragun liv for about two weeks and we were blown away. What it exactly does in the long run, we aren’t entirely sure. How it felt in the few days we had it in our hands, we loved!

Imagine having a way to massage your sore muscles without A. straining to do it yourself or B. asking someone else to do it for you. How about activating your muscles before a run, hike or ride by livening them up with some percussion therapy? Where we felt the most advantage of the Theragun was when we found knots in our muscles and drilled on those for a while. Eventually the knots started loosening up and became quite a game changer for some of our testers.

Photo: Theragun
Photo: Theragun
Photo: Theragun

We originally wanted to get our hands on the Theragun to see if it would be possible to take it into the backcountry and use AFTER you left the trailhead. We think it is a bit heavy and cumbersome to be shoved into a backpack and taken for any extended period of time (we can be really weight conscious). However, the real advantage we saw was taking it to the trailhead and using it before and after hikes, runs and mountain bike rides. In this capacity it was unparalleled. In many of the photos published in Theragun’s marketing materials they highlight the use of it in a traditional gym setting. As much as we liked the device, we feel it deserves it’s rightful place amongst the gear bags and pickup trucks of the outdoor recreation community.



Delivers up to 30 lbs
40 percussions per second


Professional-grade plastic composite


Battery Life
45 minute built-in battery life (battery life may vary depending on pressure of use)


2.5 lbs
234 mm x 196 mm x 70 mm

Like I said at the start, we really only had the Theragun for about a week and a half so any long term testing doesn’t exist for us. We would love to get another one for a longer period of time and work on those knots longer and really see what kind of therapy it provides. In the end we used it as another device in our daily stretch and massage routine and it proved to be a hit. Bands, lacrosse ball, yoga mat, Theragun.

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