First Impressions: Knog Bilby 400 Silicone Headlamp Review

Knog Bilby 400 Silicone Headlamp on man
Photo: Knog

For a few short days we got our hands on the new Knog Bilby 400 Silicone Headlamp, here's what we found.

What are the top characteristics we look for in a headlamp?

  1. Does it stay on our head?
  2. Is it comfortable?
  3. Is it intuitive to use?

In our short time with the new Knog Bilby 400 Silicone Headlamp, we found it performed well in most categories.


Woman at tent with Knog Bilby 400 Silicone Headlamp on
Photo: Knog
Knog Bilby 400 Silicone Headlamp on ledge
Photo: Knog
Knog charging characteristics
Photo: Dirt & Sol

Does the headlamp stay on your head?

Oddly enough the strap on the Bilby is one of the thinner straps of any headlamp we’ve ever tried. However, the silicone itself acts as a bit of a sticky surface to adhere or ‘stick’ to your head, beanie or trucker hat. It is also very lightweight which keeps it from bouncing up and off your head while running or moving quickly.

Is it comfortable?

Touching back on the thinness of the strap, we thought it would dig into our heads around our temples, but that certainly never happened. The silicone is very supple which makes it conform to the curves of your head versus dig into your head. The quick adjustment piece on the strap makes it easy for on-the-fly adjustment when you add or remove headwear.

Is it easy to use?

If I read the manual, yes it would be easy to use. However, I’m a bit of a cowboy and just wanted to throw the headlamp on and see if I could figure it out myself. Due to it having 14 different settings or brightness levels, it did take me some time to figure out how to use it. I do suggest reading the provided materials before use just to get your bearings and keep you from fumbling around with its buttons like I did.

Without touching on the brightness, the unique charging characteristics and a summary of a well trusted lighting brand… the Knog Bilby 400 Silicone Headlamp certainly performed as intended. We will do a more in-depth analysis of the headlamp as the season starts to change here in Colorado. Until then, we definitely think it’s worth trying the new strap and putting it up against your favorite elastic headlamp straps.

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