Filson is on Fire With Their New Smokey Bear Collection

Filson has taken it upon themselves to create the greatest throwback to Smokey 'the' Bear. In 1950, fire crews in New Mexico were fighting a blazing wildfire and heard reports of a small cub up in a tree near the fire. After the fire burned through the area, fire crews rescued the cub and whisked it away to Santa Fe where it was treated for its burns. It subsequently became the face of the National Forest Service and worldwide fire prevention.


Photo: Filson

Filson - Smokey Bear Boxers

Picture yourself in the backcountry and you find a secret mountain lake that you want to cool off in. You didn't bring your swimsuit and the high alpine sun is has been beating down on you all day. You strip off your pants and reveal these one-of-a-kind Smokey boxers... The crowd goes wild!

Photo: Filson

Filson - Smokey Bear Enamel Pin Set

Put them on you hat, vest or anywhere you want to represent Smokey Bear. These super classic pins are a great throwback to the 1950's and the original "Smokey Bear."


Photo: Filson

Filson - Smokey Bear Camp Shirt

If it were possible to wear one shirt the rest of my life, now you know which one it would be.


Photo: Filson

Filson - Smokey Bear LS Shirt

A long sleeve T dedicated to the memory of Smokey Bear. Heavyweight cotton and a broken in feel. Classic.


Photo: Filson

Filson - Smokey Bear Patch

Customize any piece of gear you have with this great vintage looking patch. Toss it on your bag, jacket, cat or cap... it belongs anywhere and everywhere.


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