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EVOC Hydro Pro 3 + 1.5L Bladder Review

Hydro Pro 3 + 1.5L Bladder

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EVOC Hydro Pro 3 + 1.5L Bladder Review

The EVOC Hydro Pro 3 is one of those pieces of gear I haven’t taken off since I got it. Having just moved to AZ, I’ve been needing a way to carry more than just my two frame mounted water bottles. Out here, if you’re putting in miles, water doesn’t go a very long way. In addition to the ability to carry more water, it adds just enough storage for a phone, some nutrition, a light jacket and some keys. Strava tells me I have about 539+ miles on the pack, here is my review.

Hose exit built into strap
'Leak free' bladder removal



  • Flexible, robust, breathable. It offers secure fit, optimal comfort and ideal load distribution thanks to materials used in medical technology.


  • Large hip wings extend from the main compartment and ensure perfect load distribution as well as secure and comfortable fit. The backpack literally hugs the body.


  • HydraPak


  • Plastic carabiner to attach keys
Mesh Ventilation
Magnetic Bite Valve Keeper

HydraPak 1.5L Bladder:

If you know anything about water bladders, you know HydraPak is at the top of their game. My favorite part of the entire bladder is the ability to take the hose off the bladder for refilling and cleaning. With one push of a button there is minimal leakage. Another great attribute is the fold and slide top on the bladder. It gives you a very large opening to refill and clean. I generally get my water out of a water dispenser on a refrigerator and it makes it very simple. The material is also durable for any crashes and comes standard in every pack.

Fit and Function:

I generally don’t wear anything on my back while riding. I don’t like having the extra weight on my saddle. However, after I got over that hurdle I was able to add more water and fuel to prolong my rides. It was worth it to me. The comfortability of the pack is unlike any of my others. It truly locks in to your torso and doesn’t bounce or move side to side. I also use it for trail running and it performs flawlessly. It does have some chest and waist adjusters to customize the fit. I generally like it nice and snug for that next to body feel. With the materials used I have never got any rubs while using it for any length of time. There was a slight learning curve in getting used to the extra heat generated with a pack on vs without. I did tend to always sweat pretty heavy underneath the pack, but I figured the trade off of the extra water was more beneficial.


As far as how much you can fit in this, it isn’t a ton. That’s what I like most. I can throw a back up liter and a half in the pack, some Clif Bloks, my keys and phone and be out the door. In some instances I’ve shoved a light wind breaker in the back and it was perfect.

Extra Storage
Bite Valve

Would I recommend?:

100% I would recommend the Evoc Pro 3 + 1.5 Bladder to any and all riders. Having a bit of extra water when out in the desert or backcountry is never a bad thing. If you live in a warmer climate, it’s almost essential. I decided to give it our Editors’ Choice because I truly haven’t taken it off since I got it in November of 2021. My wife thinks it’s weird that I wear it at my desk and out for Happy Hour on weekends. 

HydraPak Bladder
HydraPak Reservoir Retainer


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