Dakine Hot Laps 5L Bike Waist Bag Review

Dakine Hot Laps 5L Bike Waist Bag

Right out of the gate I have to admit, I’m not one to normally wear a bike waist bag. Too much or excessive weight on my seat usually makes for a shorter ride for me. So when I got the Dakine Hot Laps 5L Bike Waist Bag, I was ready to be critical of it. The type of riding I do is more XC and I like to cover some serious ground. Also, most of my riding is from the sitting position so any weight I have on my back or hips directly affects my undercarriage. The way I normally remedy this is by not wearing a waist bag, but I do love a little extra storage, so I gave it a try.


The waist bag is made of 100% 450D ripstop recycled polyester (rPET) exterior so it’s durable and crash resistant. It features 2 water bottle holders on either side. The design of these are great, you can have a water bottle on the bag or if you don’t need the extra h2o, you can button the holder for a sleek esthetic. There is a fuzzy phone pocket that is most near your back so it keeps your phone nice and protected. Inside the main compartment features some elastic strapping and an inner gear hammock for tools and food. Although I don’t ride with pads, the bottom of the bag has a couple straps to attach pads while not in full shred mode. I used the straps to attach my rain shell and it stayed on perfectly.


My first thought on choosing a size was to get something small enough it forced me to keep the load lightweight. I basically just needed enough room for some spare glasses, phone and a bar. I could certainly throw a water bottle or 2 on the pack but I have bottle cages for that. I did however go on a longer ride where having a water bottle on the pack gave me some peace of mind in case I ran out. 5L happened to be the perfect size for me, checked all boxes with regards to capacity & weight.


If you know Dakine, you know they get crazy with the colors. The one I have is Sierra Fossil, an earthy rust tone that pairs well with pretty much all of my gear. From Midnight Blue to Vandal, they have the perfect color in their lineup!

Am I a waist bag convert? Yes, in certain scenarios I find a hip bag extremely useful. Does it clash with my bibs and bike jersey? A little. Does it look killer with my baggies and long sleeve jersey? Hell yea!


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