Cycling Quests challenges riders and industry with inaugural Stuckey’s Gravel Roll

Press Release: Aug 10, 2021 – Cycling Quests announces two new gravel events that promise to deliver a one-two punch: aiming to be among the most challenging races on the East Coast while also being some of the most approachable events in gravel cycling. The Valley of The Giants and Bird Dog 100 are the first of the Stuckey’s Gravel Roll Series around the southeast, showcasing what many don’t know about the region’s diverse, changing terrain and demanding conditions. 

“We formed Cycling Quests with numerous collective goals,” said founder and CEO Robert Event. “Our aim is to increase accessibility by organizing safer, more thoughtful events with a higher value and lower price point to each racer – a starting point for riders new to the sport – while keeping the grit and self-supported nature for experienced riders.” 

Southern roadside chain Stuckey’s supports this series as its title sponsor, sharing in the goal of “exploring new places that are off-the-beaten path and usually neglected by the tourist books & magazines,” according to CEO Stephanie Stuckey. 

Integral to the challenge and accessibility is guaranteeing class-leading medical and traffic safety on-course, something that has underwhelmed their team when participating in other top gravel events around the world. “It really concerns me seeing promoters rely solely on 911 resources in rural areas that might not have the capacity to respond if there are other calls,” said Evans. 

With the addition of stocked aid stations for beginner and intermediate riders and bathroom facilities dragged to the middle of nowhere you can see the thought and careful details Cycling Quests has put into these events. 

Cycling Quests wants to democratize gravel cycling and ensure the diversity of riders matches the communities hosting each stop. And they’re doing this while organizing sustainable and eco-friendly events, partnering with local composting and recycling facilities to minimize the waste and impact on hosting communities. Additionally each event has a nonprofit partner like food banks, animal shelters, and cycling initiatives based in each local community that will receive proceeds from their local event.

October 10 kicks off Stuckey’s Gravel Roll with The Valley of The Giants, hosted by the Grandaddy Mimm’s Distilling Company of Blairsville, in North Georgia. Featuring challenging courses for all ability levels, the Valley of the Giants can be a great introduction to gravel riding in the mountains but still offer a challenge for more experienced riders. The most challenging route takes riders on a 113 mile mixed-terrain race along the spine of the Blue Ridge Mountains, resulting in a whopping 13,000 feet of climbing. There will also be shorter 75 and 37 mile options that also adhere to the golden rule of 100 feet of climbing per mile of riding. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Georgia Mountain Food Bank as well as Mountain Shelter, Humane Society of Blairsville. 

The second event for Stuckey’s Gravel Roll is the Bird Dog 100 on November 6th, showcasing rural roads surrounding Burke County in South Georgia. Named for Waynesboro’s status as the “Bird Dog Capital of the World,” the Bird Dog 100 offers a diverse range of road surfaces. What these roads lack in elevation, they make up for in other challenges as riders negotiate swampy farm roads, sandy washes, red clay, and traditional gravel. 

Register for both of the Stuckey’s Gravel Roll events at:

About Cycling Quests: 

The founding members of Cycling Quests hail from a variety of professional backgrounds, bringing valuable expertise and new perspectives to cycling events. Each one of us brings event experience ranging from locals-only DIY rides to televised races and large-scale festivals. Most importantly, our diverse histories provide us with relatable experiences to all skill levels. We come from all spectrums of the cycling community and want to provide a welcoming space for all riders to come celebrate cycling. We aren’t just riders from a road, or mountain bike or even a gravel bike. We do it all whether that’s riding a bike for errands, staying fit on the roads or having an epic dirt adventure. Whatever bike a rider has, that machine is the noble steed that transports them for whatever purpose it may be.

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