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While Jim Lamancusa was backpacking he was surrounded by friends all drinking instant coffee packets while he was stuck with his wet tea bags. The question he had, could he create a premium organic instant tea reviling even the best of teas on the market? Jim thought he could. It took Jim 9 months to discover and hone his manufacturing process, Botanical Extraction Technology. Simply put, he cold steeped the tea for 8 hours, used evaporative dehydration and in agreement with the Global Tea Championships, he created the perfect instant tea. Sampling teas for this Cusa Tea Review was quite a delicious endeavor!

We knew it would be a tall order to create a tea delivery system that rivals the simplicity and ease of use of the standard tea bag. In a lot of cases a simple tea bag could work just fine, but we needed a reason to have a tea bag that could withstand moisture and in turn not make an unwanted cup of tea in our pocket or backpack. We thought there had to be a time when carrying around a standard bag of tea just wouldn’t work.

We thought the best utilization of Cusa Tea was in any outdoor activity where water or moisture could ruin a standard tea bag.

So we found reasons to cherish in the delivery of Cusa’s high quality organic tea, but how did it taste?

Chai Tea

Chai Cusa Tea

If you like a very spicy Chai Tea, this one is for you. The black pepper can really be a kick in the throat if you aren’t ready for it. It is very robust and full of flavor, which would be great for a chilly backcountry ski.

  • Contains 52mg of caffeine per serving
  • Contains 144mg of tea polyphenols per serving
  • Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Clove, Black Pepper

Mango Green Tea

Cusa Tea Mango Green Tea

Let me first say, it has only been recently in my adulthood that I have liked the taste of a fresh mango, weird I know. With that said, this could very well be my favorite tea of the lot. I love a tasty green tea with a hint of fruit and this hits it all.

  • Made with 100% Organic Green Tea and real Mango Fruit
  • Contains 42mg of caffeine per serving
  • Contains 384mg of tea polyphenols per serving

Peach Green Tea

Cusa Tea Peach Green Tea

Arguably my second favorite tea of the group. Much like the mango tea, the fresh peach fruit infused in this tea is second to none. Can a tea be super hot and refreshing at the same time? Yes, yes it can.

  • Made with 100% Organic Green Tea and real Peach Fruit
  • Contains 42mg of caffeine per serving
  • Contains 384mg of tea polyphenols per serving

Oolong Tea

Cusa Tea Oolong Tea

Ooo it’s been a long time since I’ve had an oolong tea. To me the taste is similar to black tea but not quite as colorful in flavor. I think of oolong tea as a do-it-all dark tea that checks all the boxes.

  • Made with 100% Organic Oolong Tea
  • Contains 79mg of caffeine per serving
  • Contains 465mg of tea polyphenols per serving

English Breakfast Tea

Cusa Tea English Breakfast Tea

This to me, is the closet thing you can get to a cup of coffee, in tea form. The boldness that is retained during the Botanical Extraction process is very impressive. I added a little honey to mine and enjoyed it right in the tent.

  • Made with 100% Organic Black Tea
  • Contains 77mg of caffeine per serving
  • Contains 212mg of tea polyphenols per serving

Green Tea

Cusa Tea Green Tea

No bells, no whistles, just great subtle green tea. A great intro tea due to it’s subdued aromatics and universality of flavor.

  • Made with 100% Organic Green Tea
  • Contains 65mg of caffeine per serving
  • Contains 360mg of tea polyphenols per serving

Lemon Black Tea

cusa tea on wood fence

Super zesty and refreshing. The lemon over the top of the traditional flavor of black tea is a kick in the right direction. Forget about bringing any heavy lemons to flavor your tea, this is a definite all-in-one.

  • Made with 100% Organic Black Tea and pure Lemon Peel
  • Contains 59mg of caffeine per serving
  • Contains 190mg of tea polyphenols per serving

There are a ton of different ways to drink your tea. We decided to be purists and first try all the tea as it was prescribed, 12-14oz and plain. Some of the people that sampled them loved it just like that and some liked a little stronger flavor with a little less water. Either way the tea dissolved almost instantly into a perfect cup of tea. Stash these in your backpack, your work bag or your pocket, these little powerhouses are ready to go anywhere.

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