Cusa Tea announces a major category expansion with the launch of Cusa Coffee. Made with the same cold-brew, evaporative dehydration technology as their tea products, Cusa Coffee is bringing cold-brew into the instant category. Seven instant packets come in every box, and each one makes an 8-ounce cup of perfectly steeped coffee in under 3 seconds.

Cusa Coffee is launching Light Roast, Medium Roast and Dark Roast in April 2020, followed by more flavors in the summer. Cusa Coffee can be enjoyed hot or cold and will dissolve in seconds.

“This whole project started when a local coffee roaster, who had tasted my tea and was really impressed, asked me if we had the ability to do coffee as well,” said Jim Lamancusa, Cusa Tea’s founder and CEO. “After some slight modifications to the process, we were able to produce a cold-brewed coffee that tastes better than any instant coffee on the market, and it’s so smooth that I would put it up against most specialty premium dripped coffee as well.”

Lamancusa continues, “As with our tea products, there are two critical parts to making an amazing cup of coffee. First is sourcing the best beans from the best plantations. I searched far and wide and found an incredible Arabica bean plantation that not only grows amazing beans but is also a fully regenerative-agriculture farm and is Rainforest Alliance-certified. Second is our patented process for creating dehydrated coffee. We first cold-brew the coffee for 6-8 hours. Then we strain out the coffee beans and move the liquid coffee into an evaporative dehydration machine that slowly allows the water to evaporate from the coffee, leaving all the flavor, aroma and taste of the coffee. This cold-brew process produces an incredibly smooth cup of coffee that is devoid of the typical bitterness, acidity and burnt flavor that is in all other instant coffees.”

Cusa Coffee will be available for purchase online at on April 15th as well as through various retailers across the country. They also have a free sample pack program where consumers can try any of their caffeine tea, herbal tea or coffee products for a small shipping and handling cost. – Cusa Tea

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About Cusa Tea
Cusa Tea and Coffee is the world’s first cold-brew instant tea and coffee company. They use only high-quality, premium, USDA Organic-certified teas, coffee, fruits, spices and herbs, which they then cold-steep using a revolutionary technology. This process reduces the waste and chemical preservatives found in most ready-to-drink teas, so that tea and coffee drinkers can enjoy an instantaneous, premium tea or coffee at any time. Current flavors include Organic English Breakfast, Organic Green Tea, Organic Oolong, Mango Green Tea, Lemon Black Tea, Chai, Peach Green Tea, Everyday Wellness Herbal Tea, Immune Boost Herbal Tea, Slim Savvy Herbal Tea, Deep Doze Herbal Tea and Mellow Movement Herbal Tea.
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