CRKT CEO Knife Review

A lightweight, slim alternative to the standard everyday carry.

crkt ceo in backpacking bag

The CRKT CEO Knife was designed by Richard Rogers in Magdalena, New Mexico.

This knife surprised us a bit when we got it. We knew the intention of the knife was to sit in a dress shirt pocket or suit jacket and resemble a pen… all the while knowing you’re like MacGyver and you have a super sharp blade on you. Ok we got that and with that in mind it functioned perfect in those scenarios. We also knew we weren’t going to stop at well dressed evenings, we were going to do what we do best and put it through some adventure.

We have been bikepacking a fair bit around the office this past fall and testing gear right off the bike. Like any good outdoors-person we try and retry and retry and…. to find the right equipment for the job. We knew we wanted to carry a knife on our outings but also knew weight is always an issue. Would I rather have a light knife and an IPA or just a heavy knife? You do the math.

crkt ceo next to scale


Blade Length: 3.107″ (78.92 mm)
Edge: Plain
Steel: 8Cr13MoV
Blade Finish: Satin
Blade Thickness: 0.086″ (2.18 mm)
Grind: Flat
Closed Length: 4.448″ (112.98 mm)
Open Length: 7.625″ (193.68 mm)
Weight: 2.1 oz (59.53g)
Handle: Glass Reinforced Nylon
Style: Folding Knife with Locking Liner

crkt ceo next to ruler
crkt ceo on cycling jersey

Your knife’s intention on a trip?

This thing is pretty small so think about your intention with a knife on these sorts of trips. Do you intend to fight off a Griz or just slice up some Mountain House goodies? If it’s the latter, you will save a lot of grams with this blade.

crkt ceo in jersey pocket

Why we’re geeking out?

We were all geeking out because this thing is tiny! In a good way. With its super slim profile and length you can really stash this thing anywhere. We found success in an easy to reach spot in our bikepacking gear and also in our jersey pocket. Both of which we never felt the blade hinder us in any way.

Firm action when flipping blade open

Extremely sleek

Stashes anywhere

Slightly slick on the handle

Takes a few flips to get used to when opening

In summary I think this is a high contender for not only wearing for business or special occasions, but also on the bike, hike or around the campfire. It is so easily stashed it’s hard not to consider for most outings.

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