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Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Strapshot Review

CCS G3 Grey Strapshot
Strapshot Backpack Strap Connector

If you’re like me, you want to be able to carry your camera gear in the backcountry and have easy access at a moment’s notice. I’ve hung my Canon DSLR off my pack and body endless ways, but never felt like it was permeant solution. I searched the interwebs high and low and came upon the Cotton Carrier line of products. I was preparing for a hunt and was looking to film the entire project. I knew at times, having my camera gear easily accessible would be the difference between filming or skipping the shot. I picked up the CCS G3 Strapshot and the CCS G3 Wanderer Side Holster. I knew one or both of them would be the solution I needed. I was right.

Wanderer Side Holster: What Comes in the Package
Strapshot: What Comes in the Package

The real belle of the ball here in my opinion is the Strapshot. In my YouTube video I called it many names like camera harness, backpack strap camera harness and other not so accurate names. Either way, it is definitely all of those things, but most importantly, it is a fantastic way to carry your gear on a trip. The best part of the Strapshot is, there isn’t much to it. 

CCS G3 Grey Wanderer Side Holster
CCS G3 Grey Wanderer Side Holster
CCS G3 Grey Wanderer Side Holster Padding

Cotton Carrier Strapshot and Wanderer Holster:

I will just review these two devices together, short of them being strapped on to you in different locations, they are very similar.

Fit and Function:

The Strapshot was used on my small day pack as well as my large expedition pack with no issue. The straps on my bags could have been larger or smaller and it still would have worked great. I had no issue attaching the Wanderer Side Holster to a plethora of belts at different widths. I also attached it to the hip strap of my large pack, which worked great when bow hunting. The only knock that I could think of is the Strapshot attaches to the upper handle, behind your neck, on the backpack. If your backpacks handle is long, it does rub/sit a little funky behind your neck. Did this cause issue or rub me raw? No, but something to think about. I’m also thinking there are other ways to attach it for security but I haven’t gone down that road yet.


I am fascinated with both of these and bring them everywhere. They come with me anytime I want my Canon DSLR by my side. Could you run or mountain bike with them? Maybe if you had a very small point and shoot that wouldn’t bounce around a ton. However, I would consider this more of a hiking solution. Like I said in the video, they have more solutions for different applications.

Hand Strap:

Believe it or not, the Strapshot comes with a free Hand Strap. This adds just one more level of protection to your carry. Hand Strap, Safety Tether, Backpack Tether, Velcro, and anodized CCS Hub. YES, your camera is safe and handy to the draw.

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