Chums: Every Style, Every Outdoor Pursuit

Chums Original (Pattern):

You know the Originals, you’ve probably owned the Originals and if you haven’t… get it together! No Chums review would complete without the original. These are the sunglass retainers that cover all bases. They are cotton and come in just about every color and funky pattern you could imagine. We went with some fun Flamingo inspired Chums to replace my Rainbow Tie-Dyes that although they still serve their purpose, they’re in shambles and deserve to be on a trophy shelf somewhere (10 years and counting). If those Chums could talk. I can tell you that they fit great and work on a variety of width sunglass arms… or you can just try some and finally look like you belong in the outdoors. Mine find my sunglasses on every run, mountain bike ride and hike.

Woman with Chums glasses retainer on

Beaded Cord:

OK, so you got your cotton sunglass retainer in some funky pattern or color and you are thinking to yourself, how can I up my game. Enter the Beaded Cord sunglass retainers. This may or may not be intended for the 80-90yr old crowd, but with confidence I rock these whenever I’m feeling squirrelly. More often than not they end up on my wife’s sunglasses. She loves that they don’t touch her tiny ears and irritate them over the course of a long outing. We both love the simple beachy stylings and the lightweight and versatility of them. These also attach differently than the cotton retainers by using a small rubber end that slides just about anywhere on a sunglass frame.

Chums glass float on table
Bead Chums glasses retainer on Ray Bans
Flamingo chums on wood
Chums Glassfloat on man by water

Glassfloat Classic:

Cotton Chum – Check!

Beaded Chum – Check!

Calling all anglers, kayakers, SUP boarders, river rats, lake hounds and beach bums. We have your retainer and in turn… your sunglasses. I am a proud member of the I-Lost-My-Ray-Bans-While-Stand-Up-Paddle-Boarding Club. I was thinking I was some kind of surfer and attempted to catch some boat wake and basically flipped off the back of my board. Off went the sunglasses. That doesn’t always have to be the case now. Chums has some great fitting options for all us that like to be on the water. Unlike some other floating retainers, these look very much like the cotton retainers with a thin center of foam. There are unobtrusive and keep your shades safe 100% of the time.


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