Chaco Lowdown Sandal Review

Chaco Lowdown Sandals

I would liken the Chaco Lowdown Sandal to being as barefoot as possible while still protecting the bottom of your foot. I have tried on many a Chaco in my day and always find them a bit on the heavy side. However, these are definitely a departure and offer a very lightweight walkable design. With that light weight, I think you lose a little off-road/adventure performance. But you know what? I’m ok with that. I have some heavy duty sandals for lugging a SUP board down a coast. The Lowdown is one of those sandals that just looks good and you can wear anywhere as a statement piece for an almost barefoot feel.


Like I have written many a time, I have what my wife would call “fish feet”. For the record, it is not because of the smell. They are very narrow and long… like a fish… a SWORDFISH! Yea, like a powerful, amazing swordfish. Therefore, when I first tried these on I thought I would get a bit of sloppiness from side to side. After I figured out the delicate adjustment system, they fit firm and snug. The only issue I ran into was, a bit of extra webbing hanging off the side that was hitting the ground. I ended up just tucking it through the heel strap which worked great.

Man sitting by river in Chaco Lowdown Shoes

Check out Chaco’s adjustment video here.

  • Relaxed Color Palette
  • Adjustability
  • Comfort
  • Lightweight

  • Extra Strap Material
  • Runs Slightly Large

Chaco Lowdown Sandal sole
Chaco Lowdown Sandal
Chaco Lowdown Sandal buckle

  • Adjustable polyester jacquard webbing with injection molded ladder lock buckle and synthetic trims


  • LUVSEAT™ Care+ EVA midsole
  • Vegan-friendly construction


  • Non-marking ChacoGrip™ rubber compound
  • 3.0mm lug depth


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