Chaco Chillos Sandal Review

Women with Chaco Chillos sandals on
Chaco Chillos Sandals Review

I’m about to get real honest with you here for my Chaco Chillos Sandal Review. From the second I unpacked my Chillos and the neighbor asked me if I was wearing orthopedic shoes, I desperately wanted to hate them. In all fairness I make fun her clothes, which she refers to as her “aesthetic”…. (eye roll) all the time; so I deserved the dig.


Truthfully, the chillos do have a bit of an orthopedic throw back vibe to them. However, here is the thing… I want to hate them, but I can’t. I pretty much have not taken these things off. They are so light and comfy that it feels like I’m barefoot and yet somehow this quick dry sandal keeps my foot from slipping around in the footbed when wet.


  • Adjustable polyester jacquard webbing with injection molded ladder lock buckle


  • Women’s specific injected LUVSEAT™ EVA midsole
  • Vegan-friendly construction


  • High abrasion EVA

Women with Chaco Chillos sandals on and dog
  • Funky Colors
  • Grip
  • Comfort
  • Lightweight

  • Funky Colors
  • Runs Slightly Large


Speaking of slipping around, the bottom traction is awesome too! No Chaco Chillos sandal review would be complete without a jump into the lake and a climb around on the shoreline boulders in soaking wet sandals. Guess what no slip, great grip!

In conclusion, like all of my great friendships, I started out thinking that this wasn’t the right friend … I mean shoe, for me. I even despised this shoe a little. However, the Chillos showed me they were loyal and dependable and comfy as hell. Looks like they are here to stay! They sit in the place of honor, by the back door. Just waiting for a trip to the garden or the store or to ease my feet post run. I slip them on every time I step outside. Stay Chill(os).




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