Saucony Switchback ISO Review

Editor's Choice

When it comes to finding the right trail running shoes, a number of variables come into play. The shape of your foot, distance you are running, weather conditions, any foot abnormalities etc. Sadly, ...

Zeal’s New Boone Sunglasses Review

Zeal Boone sunglasses on wood

We reviewed the Zeal Boone sunglasses and they may be a little too Bono for me... but functionally, they are unparalleled. Function After reviewing the Zeal Boone sunglasses we realized their ...

REEBs Have More Fun

Reeb Sqweeb in blue

REEB Sqweeb Review In 2011 after having his bike stolen, Dale of the now infamous Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale decided it was time to build a bike for himself. He also built a brand that mirrored ...

MSR Trail Base Water Filter Kit Review

Editor's Choice MSR 2L Trail Base Water Filter kit on ground by river

When it comes to water filtration systems there are a myriad of different ways to get your water clean. By clean, I mean the actual filtering of dirt and debris as well as filtering water on a ...

Sole Footbeds Insole Review: Active Thin

Editor's Choice Sole Footbeds on ground by bicycle

Sole footbeds have been in my personal arsenal for about 8 years now, more specifically the Active Thin version. Over the years, the image on the top of the footbed have changed but the the structure ...

Cusa Tea Review

Cusa Tea on wood with cup

While Jim Lamancusa was backpacking he was surrounded by friends all drinking instant coffee packets while he was stuck with his wet tea bags. The question he had, could he create a premium organic ...

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