Cake Ösa: The Cleanest Way to Get to the Trailhead?

Should we all be seeking new zero emission ways to get to and from the trailhead?

If you’re like us we are constantly driving to and from a trailhead. Like clockwork, we load up the truck with all of our favorite gear and drive to the trailhead at a measly 12mpg. We revel in the natural landscape and always keep a keen eye on protecting her. Then we get back in our truck at 12mpg and drive home. Cake is seeking to change that.

Cake is taking it upon themselves to create the perfect electric motorcycle to get you to and from your local trailheads. This specific rig is completely modular which allows you to clamp on different attachments to its rectangular backbone. Do you want a passenger seat or Thule bike rack? Just clamp it on. The bike is extremely light too which we think will make it easier to handle while maneuvering around your garage and with 8.6″ or 200mm ground clearance it looks like it could get around pretty easily on a dirt road too.

We are extremely excited to see the platform progress and see if people will start taking a more conservative approach with carbon emissions to and from the trailhead.

Photos: Cake

Cake Osa with mountain bike
Cake Osa with Fishermans
Cake Osa with surfboard
Cake Osa with Skis

  • Range – mixed city riding: 60 km / 37 miles
  • Range – High speed riding (@70 km/h / 44 mph): 21 km / 13 miles
  • Weight – bike: 65 kg / 143 lbs
  • Weight – battery Medium: 12 kg / 26 lbs
  • Weight – battery Large: 17 kg / 37 lbs
  • Top Speed – 100 km/h, 63 m.p.h.

Comments or questions about the Cake Osa? Please drop us a line below, we would love to hear from you.

Cake Osa doing wheelie
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