Boundary Supply MK-2 Camera Bag Review

Camera bags come in all shapes and sizes... sometimes there is just a better shape and size.

Boundary Supply MK-II Camera Bag

To start, the optimal execution of this camera bag is in conjunction with the Boundary Supply Errant Pack, see that review here. We have tested it in 2 applications, once on the mountain bike trails in Colorado and once on an island trip to Belize. When bringing along a DSLR to a sandy island in the middle of the Caribbean, protection was my biggest concern. I just splurged on a sweet Canon and didn’t want anything to go awry when lugging it around the island with a few Belikans in me.

The high quality zipper of the MK-2 was one of the highlights for me on the camera bag. If you can’t trust a zipper then you’ll never take your camera with you to capture the moments that count because you’ll always be worried about hurting it. With that great zipper, comes a cushioned interior with modular velcro dividers that can be moved around into different configurations within the bag. This was top notch in adding trust while carrying the bag. Nothing is ever rolling around in the bag because you can just move the dividers around to snug everything up. This was a huge advantage when we shoved the MK-2 into our backpacking bag on travel from the US to Belize.

Boundary Supply MK-II Camera Bag
Boundary Supply MK-II Camera Bag
Boundary Supply MK-II Camera Bag
Boundary Supply MK-II Camera Bag

Why we’re geeking out?

We really loved the bag in conjunction with the Boundary Supply Errant Pack the most. The velcro on the back of the camera bag integrated perfectly with the velcro on the inside of the pack making a perfect connection between bags. This fastening system allowed for a high level of confidence when opening and closing the bag out on an adventure.

Large size for film camera and accessories, as well as DSLR

Abrasion resistant material

High quality zipper

Modular internal compartments

Large size makes it tough to fit in a wide variety of day bags (pro & con)

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