Boundary Supply Made the Best Adventure Day Pack

Intentional or not, Boundary Supply not only made a killer urban commuting pack, they made a top notch adventure day pack. I used this pack as a way to haul around food, water and my DSLR on a variety of trips. The most rigorous testing I put it through was when I strapped it to my back on an epic Colorado mountain biking adventure. I opted for the MK-2 camera case to add extra protection to my camera in case of a crash. Not only did it add that small bit of extra padding, the velcro on the camera case allowed me to attach it securely to the inside of the pack, never wondering if it would fly out when I unzipped the pack.

Boundary Supply Errant Pack against rock

On this mountain biking trip, I was using the Boundary Supply Errant Pack simply as a tool. I needed the pack to perform at a high level due to the rigors of the ride and the need to protect the Canon. I packed the Errant Pack full with my DSLR, GoPro, selfie stick, Honey Stinger Waffles, LifeProof Charging pack, a ton of water and set off hoping for the best. The chest strap AND the hip strap really held it exactly where it needed to be. I was on the ride to review some Reeb Sqweeb mountain bikes, so taking the camera in and out of not only the Errant Pack but the MK-2 case had to be quick and efficient. Both unzipped effortlessly and allowed me to get the camera in and out safely without any fumbling around. The one thing I wish I could change is where the bag hinges open, I wish it would swing open a bit lower without slightly binding at the bottom creating a weird fold.


  • Magnetic Features
  • Water/Dust Resistant
  • Breathable Back Pad and Harness
  • Modular Components
  • Nywool Sunglass Pocket
  • Side Commuter Pocket
  • Wet/Dry Stowage
  • Locking Zippers

Boundary Supply Errant Pack inside with GoPro
Boundary Supply Errant Pack straps close up
Boundary Supply Errant Pack top fold close up
Boundary Supply Errant Pack up against rock

More Features

  • Padded Handles
  • Laptop Storage. Dimensions: 26cm x 36cm x 2.5cm
  • Interior Pocketing
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Bluesign Manufacturing
  • Dimenson: L: 20” W: 13” D: 6”
  • Weight: 2 Pounds 15 Ounces

Man standing looking off into mountains with bike
How Was it Tested?

  • Monarch Crest Trail – Mountain Biking
  • Buffalo Creek – Mountain Biking
  • Hall Ranch – Mountain Biking
  • Oregon Coast Vacation
  • Daily Camera Carry

  • Durability
  • Color scheme
  • Styling
  • Modular
  • Quality of materials
  • Comfort

  • I wish it opened a tiny bit more where it hinges

Due to the shear amount of useful features and the durability of the Errant pack, I would definitely suggest this pack for anyone carrying around a camera and gear on any short adventure. Lastly, I just want to be sure you understand how stylish and sleek this pack is. This isn’t your run of the mill canvas sack. This pack deserves to be on some backpack runway in Milan… if that’s a thing… I’m sure it is.

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