Bolle Chronoshield Sunglasses Review

Combining the Fashion of the 80s with the Functionality of Today.

Photo: Dane Cronin (
Photo: Dane Cronin (

To put it lightly, I am infatuated with these sunglasses. I put these shades through the wringer on an 8-day cycling trip in Colombia, and they withstood everything from extreme humidity to varying light conditions while zipping down technical gravel roads.

First, the lenses: wow. While most days in Colombia were sunny and bright, my longest day on the bike was over 12 hours in variable conditions – there was sun, there were clouds, there was rain, and then there was more sun. While Bollé’s website describes the lenses that come with the matte pink version as “ideal for sunny conditions”, I wore the Chronoshields all day and never felt the lenses compromised my vision, even during heavy cloud coverage. The contrast the lenses offer is nearly impeccable. Furthermore, I had zero issues with fogging, despite the intense humidity that day or the immense amount of sweating I did every day of the trip.

As for fit, I was pleasantly surprised, given their relatively large profile and my relatively small face. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people who can throw on any pair of sunglasses and not look like an idiot. With most large frames, I look absolutely ridiculous, which is why I was thrilled when I put the Chronoshields on and actually loved how they looked. Regardless, the matte pink frame and size still make them a bold look that may be a little too loud for some individuals. 

Photo: Dane Cronin (

The large frame provided exceptional coverage, including peripheral protection, and the adjustable temples and nosepiece made for a mostly snug fit – I did experience some slippage a handful of times, but it was minimal, given the amount of sunscreen and sweat involved. Those adjustable temples and nosepiece are made of a soft, pliable material, allowing the sunglasses to effortlessly fit different shapes and sizes. Compared to other shades I’ve owned, the Chronoshields held up better than most in the slippage category. They also feature a removable brow bar, which successfully absorbed much of that sweat I keep talking about (I promise this is the last time I’ll bring it up). In addition, I felt this feature also made the fit more secure, so I kept it in place the entire time, despite how easy it is to remove it.

The cherry on top is how comfortable the Chronoshields are. Even after 12 hours of sporting them on the longest ride in Colombia (ok, it was more like 10 hours – the last 2 hours of the ride were unexpectedly in the dark, so I reluctantly took them off), I felt no pain points, and I was impressed. Not to mention, they’re super lightweight.

Alright, I’m going to stop fangirling now, but one last thing before I do – go buy these shades. If I can rock them, you can rock them. Hats off to Bollé for a job well done.

By: Kate McLaughlin

Adjustable nose piece
Vented Lens
Comfort and sweat absorption
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