Best Jeans for Travel: L2X DUER Performance Denim Slim Jeans

Duer jeans rear
Photo: Nick Jakubowski

A 9-hour flight across the pond requires clothing that’s not too restrictive, and sweatpants can’t offer the style of jeans. The L2X DE/ER Performance Slim Denim jeans allow you to stretch out on a plane in comfort while maintaining the classic look of slim fit jeans. 

Duer jeans boots
Photo: Nick Jakubowski


These jeans are true to size and given the elastic stretch, you can easily fit into slim styles. Slim styles are just that, slim. If you’re not used to the skinny jean look or feel you may want to go with a straight or relaxed style. Now although the pants are very stretchy you’ll quickly adapt to the jeans hugging your legs and won’t notice them being on after a few minutes. 

The first thing you’ll notice when putting on these pants is how much you can move around. My first few moves were some long lunges to just see how low I could go. My legs gave out before the pants did. 


Typical denim jeans are made of cotton and even after a long break-in period can be very rigid. L2X DU/ER Performance Denim Slim Jeans consist of a fabric composition of 70% cotton, 28% Coolmax All Season Polyesters, and 2% Lycra Spandex. In other words, this allows for additional flexibility all while allowing the jeans to stay cooler. The Coolmax is designed to wick moisture away creating a cooler feel. On the flip side, it also insulates in cooler temperatures to trap warmth. 

Overall Impressions

In my case jeans are worn for formal and semi-formal events, such as work, social gathers, etc. When it comes to climbing, hiking, or other activities I will go to traditional outdoor pants. The problem with these is the looks you get wearing them into the office. It’s clear they are meant for the outdoors. With the L2X DU/ER Performance Denim Slim Jeans, you can go straight from a client meeting to the crag. 

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Photo: DU/ER
Duer jeans fornt
Photo: DU/ER
Duer jeans rear
Photo: DU/ER
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