Best Adventure Books of All Time

We’ve compiled a list of the best modern adventure books of all time. This list will surely satiate your thirst for adventure!

Photo: Aron Ralston

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

It’s no surprise this is on the list. Famously portrayed in film, this book tells the story of Ralston cutting off his own arm to survive.

By: Aron Ralston

Photo: The Mountaineers
No Shortcuts to the Top: Climbing the World's 14 Highest Peaks book
Photo: Ed Viesturs and David Roberts
annapurna book cover
Photo: Maurice Herzog
Born to Run- A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen book cover
Photo: Christopher McDougall
Ultramarathon man book cover
Photo: Dean Karnazes

Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner

Feeling like maybe it’s too late in life to take up running? Dean Karnazes felt the same way. However, he took it upon himself to change and shape the future of ultrarunning forever. This is some seriously inspiring stuff right here.

By: Dean Karnazes

Into Thin Air book cover
Photo: Jon Krakauer

Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster

The story of the legendary 1996 Everest tragedy through the eyes of Jon Krakauer. You have probably read books by Krakauer before like Into the Wild. Take your imagination a bit higher in altitude and learn what it means to survive an incredible tragedy.

By: Jon Krakauer

Seven Summits book cover
Photo: Dick Bass, Frank Wells & Rick Ridgeway

Seven Summits

Take the journey with Dick Bass as he aims to be the first person to climb the highest mountain on each continent.

By: Dick Bass, Frank Wells & Rick Ridgeway

the Climb Book Cover
Photo: Anatoli Boukreev & G. Weston DeWalt

The Climb

This is a different perspective of the 1996 Everest tragedy told by Russian-Kazakhstani mountaineer Anatoli Boukreev. Read both this and Into Thin Air for a full picture at different perspectives.

By: Anatoli Boukreev & G. Weston DeWalt

Wild book cover
Photo: Cheryl Strayed

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Topping the New York Times Best Seller list, Wild is the story of Cheryl Strayed’s epic journey across the 1,100 mile Pacific Crest Trail. You’ve seen the movie, now read the book.

By: Cheryl Strayed

Alive book cover
Photo: Piers Paul Read


The harrowing tale of an Uruguayan Rugby team whose plane crashed in the Andes and the 16 survivors lived out of its wreckage. Most famously, this book is known for the survivors eating the dead when rescue was nowhere in sight.

By: Piers Paul Read

Touching the Void book cover
Photo: Joe Simpson

Touching the Void

The story is widely known as one of the most incredible survival feats in mountaineering history. After a climb up a previously unclimbed route on Siula Grande, Joe Simpson accidentally slipped and badly broke his leg. In an attempt to save Simpson, Yates began lowering him down the mountain and this is where the real story of survival begins.

By: Joe Simpson

Eiger Dreams book cover
Photo: Jon Krakauer

Eiger Dreams: Ventures Among Men And Mountains

In a collection of articles, Eiger Dreams highlights the climbing life of Jon Krakauer on some of the world’s most famous routes. Read as he takes on Denali, the Eiger and the infamous K2.

By: Jon Krakauer

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