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Risking failure is the hardest part on setting out to accomplish something difficult. Failure was certainly on my mind the entirety of my training for the ...

When it comes to boots, I couldn't be more picky... or nerdy. I don't just settle when it comes to picking something that I am going to be putting on my feet ...

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  1. I think the Spot is sitting about middle on each of the rigs mentioned. Tallboy is 120mm/130mm & the Epic Evo is 110/120. Although I have not tried the others yet, I do know that the Living Link leaf spring has some magic at play. It felt so dialed in on a variety of terrain, and it’s light!

    Something else to look at are the head tube angles:
    Tallboy: 65.7°
    Ryte 115: 67.4°
    Epic Evo: 66.5°

    All things equal, that will also play into their handling a bit on the downhill… and uphill. I never felt like I need anything slacker to have a proper rip though. You have you Spectral for that!

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