A Legend Reborn: The Niner WFO 9 RDO


Fort Collins, Colorado (April 21, 2021) – More than a decade after our first W.F.O. 9 defined the category and set a benchmark for what a long-travel 29er could do, we’re bringing it back. The 2021 WFO 9 RDO draws on our years of 29er evolution to establish a new paradigm of unbridled, big-wheel domination.

Reborn with 170mm of stable CVA suspension, a 180mm-travel fork, adjustable geometry, increased frame stiffness, and our signature RDO carbon fiber, the new generation of WFO 9 RDO is an enduro-ready brawler with the pedaling prowess to get you to the top in style.

Loyal Ninerds feared that it was extinct forever. But the WFO 9 RDO was only dormant, lying in wait, evolving and mutating to reemerge as the apex predator of long-travel 29ers.

The 9 things you need to know:

  1. 170mm of tuned CVA rear suspension paired with 180mm fork travel.
  2. Clearance for contemporary 29×2.6” tires
  3. Modern enduro geometry with flip chips to raise the BB … if you really need that.
  4. Smoother, straighter full-sleeve internal cable routing for superior shifting performance.
  5. Wider and stiffer Rib Cage main triangle for precise handling.
  6. Durable, long-lasting Enduro Max Black Oxide pivot bearings.
  7. Trunnion shock mount for smooth articulation and added stiffness.
  8. Refined suspension curve for supportive pedaling and bottomless descending.
  9. Lifetime warranty.
Niner WFO 9 RDO profile
Rider jumping the Niner WFO 9 RDO

And in case you missed it, a few months ago we did a short retrospective of the original W.F.O. 9. A pioneer in the long-travel 29er category, it was a bike that defined an era. It’s fun to look back and see how far we’ve come!

Niner WFO 9 RDO top tube
Niner WFO 9 RDO suspension link
Niner WFO 9 RDO handlebars
Niner WFO 9 RDO Rear

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Niner Bikes was founded in 2005 on the premise, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” We are a passionate group of off-road cyclists building bicycles with impeccable design and exquisite ride qualities.  We believe off-road cycling can co-exist with other forms of recreation and support those who are committed to advocating for trail access.

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