Meta Denver – Volume 14 Launch Party

Photos and Words: Adam Scott
Photo: Adam Scott MDC Pentax K1000

To preface, before going to this release party, it was hard for me to decipher from Meta’s website what exactly they do and how they are involved with each story. There wasn’t any more help given at/by their event on clarification what exactly Meta did. In passing I could hear people asking others that knew Meta – “what exactly do these people do?” With that said, what I gather is they put out this great publication a few times a year, they write the stories and record via photos and an accompanying short film. I could be wrong.

Moto Parking- Pentax K1000

As Saturday rolled around my stoke grew higher for checking out this local moto event. I recently discovered Meta, a company out of Denver highlighting their lust for all things moto, dirt and urban. They are on their fourteenth volume of their non traditional motorcycle magazine. This volume is the first one I have got my hands on and from a graphic perspective, they knocked it out of the park. It has a very modern aesthetic with inspiring photos and stories from around the globe. This addition took aim at everything from “Cycle Zombies,” a story of a family of Californians bringing motos back from the dead to “DIY” a short story of taking bike building by the reins and giving it a shot regardless of experience – all in the name of individuality.

The ‘glossy pages’ in this volume highlighted Tom DeLonge, formerly of Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves and the newly crowned President and CEO of To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science. The article and accompanying movie short was primarily about his new venture into the discovery and dissemination of information pertaining to the existence of ufos and aliens, something that Tom has preached fruitfully throughout his career, “Aliens Exist.” There is nothing about Tom that doesn’t believe he is the one that needs to share this information with the public and use his celebrity to get this information to the masses. Whether you believe in the little green guys or not, it’s interesting to see one of music’s long time idols steering down a whole new path in life: definitely worth a read and watch.

Denver Metro - Pentax K1000
Triumph Street Twin - Pentax K1000

The event itself, hosted at Meta Denver, was a great collection of moto eccentrics stoked to share some like minded visions and conversations. After a good amount of rubbing elbows (of demin trucker jackets), eating free pizza and Firestone Walker 805 beer, the vintage stylings of The Kinky Fingers fired up and captivated the audience with a sound right out of a Kill Bill movie. There is definitely something to say about tying a room and party together with just the right band – they were it. After a few trippy licks from the band, the new film debuted via projector on the inside brick wall, it concluded and the band played on. Meta’s office space itself looks like a photo right out of the pages of Architectural Digest’s industrial – brick – repurposed warehouse division. No doubt a space to foster stoke for motos, media and creative thoughts. I am stoked to get back and share in another experience at the space.

To buy a magazine, see the film or learn more about Meta, click here.

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