Biltwell Thruster Grips

Gone are the days of installing gigantic metal skull laden grips that mimic the feel of twisting a pickle jar rather than the throttle. Biltwell has changed the tide and trend of grips and are offering some classic BMX style grips that remind me of the ODI Mushroom grips of yesteryear. These grips offer a ton of tackiness for ripping backroads where dust and dew could compromise your grip. To top it all off this isn’t the only style rubber grip from Biltwell. They offer some other great stylings like the Kung Fu, Torker and Recoil, whatever the style of the moto, they likely have the right choice.


  • Injection-molded Krayton synthetic rubber.
  • Classic surface designs help absorb shock and dampen vibration.
  • Sold in pairs; throttle sleeve not included.

  • Sticky feel
  • Great color schemes
  • Classic BMX Stylings

  • Longevity of rubber questionable
  • Slight peeling

How was it tested?

  • 20 degree temps
  • 90 degree temps
  • In traffic and on dirt roads
  • Rollinsville Ride
  • 1000+ miles